I view the therapy/counseling process as a collaboration – I am joining you for a part of your journey in life. My primary theoretical orientation is a humanistic/client-centered approach. I want to understand how you see your life, values, hopes, dreams, fears, wounds, and passions. I will see you as a whole person – not just as the “problem” that you want to address. My hope is that we can create a space together where you are free to share all of who you are and where you can access the wisdom and strength you already possess.

In counseling, I will ask you to share your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, fears, hopes, and wishes. That may feel uncomfortable or difficult at times because it may be new for you to do this. In the course of working together, I invite you to share what feels difficult so that we can use it in the process of change and transformation.

I believe we are all capable of change – changing our attitudes, reactions, thoughts, and feelings. At the same time, I believe there is great value in accepting ourselves – accepting our gifts and talents, our shortcomings, our “less than perfect” selves. While it may seem that these ideas are contradictory, they do fit together. Once we can accept who we are – what our tendencies and preferences are – then we can make more informed and realistic choices about what we might wish to change. Sometimes, it happens that you discover that you really are OK just as you are – the change is that you have come to a more complete and loving acceptance of yourself. Other times, it happens that you find that you wish to change a particular way of responding to the world. Growth and self-acceptance can be a challenging process – it can also be one filled with great wonder and joy as you learn to embrace and celebrate that which makes you all that you are.

In my current private practice, I work with adults. We work together to identify your goals and develop a plan together to accomplishing those goals.